Book Pimp: The Scroll

I’m pimping this for a friend and a very skilled story-teller, Jay Mountney. She has published another book that is very much worth a read for anyone interested in fantasy and/or mystery genre.

scroll 2015 for blogs

I will let the author explain the plot in her own words:

The story is the first in a series called The Skilled Investigators. The ‘heroine’ is a female elf who wants to be an investigator (detective in our terms) and has to solve a murder mystery before she can be accepted as a trainee. Her assistants/sidekicks are a teenage dragon who imprinted on her at hatching, and her brother. The brother is gay and provides the romance subplot for the series but there is no explicit sex.

Jay talks about the book and the planned series here – do go and check it out! Author is offering free review copies too!

I read the first draft of the book some years ago and enjoyed immensely, I can’t wait to read the final version! Just need to sort out a eReader app for my tablet…

You can purchase the books either via Smashwords or Amazon.

Happy reading!

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