New Publication @ Londongrip

The summer issue of Londongrip New Poetry is out now. I’m very happy to have two poems included: Shaped Like Care and Resolute, and would like to thank the editor Michael Bartholomew-Biggs for some judicious editorial suggestions 🙂 Both poems are several years old so it’s great to see them out in the world.

  • Shaped Like Care tends to cause a degree discomfort in the audience whenever I read it which frankly is the way I think it should be, given the theme. It is also one of those poems where the deliberate lack of any gender clues really bothers some people and I have on occasion been questioned about the gender of the ‘characters’ in it. Sometimes, answering with ‘it doesn’t matter’ or ‘whatever you want’ only seems to aggravate the person asking even more.
  • Resolute is a rather personal poem and echoes the kind of melancholy introspection I almost always end up embroiled in when I go back to Finland.

The issue is full of some excellent poetry. Here are a some (quite a few actually!) personal favourites:

  • Boyhood of Senesino by Stephen Bone – A layered poem about a double-edged fame of an Italian castrato with a great line-break that made me raise my eyebrows at first before resolving in a more family-friend manner *g* You’ll know what I mean.
  • Rapture by Anthony Costello – There is something dark and claustrophobic about this that nicely captures the feeling of words crowding you
  • Me and Kim Jong Un by Pam Job – Immensely relatable (that’s a word, dammit) to every writer. Made me smile.
  • The Elders by Ajise Vincent – This becomes particularly painful in the context of the poet’s country.
  • The Disappeared by Norbert Hirschhorn – Worth it for the first line alone, but it doesn’t let up after that. It hurts because it’s true.
  • Salt by Genevieve Scanlan – This. This. I’ve read it like three times by now and just want to shake it at people and go THIS!
  • A Filigree of Fog Rising by Ian C Smith – Starts kind of silly but ends up somewhere achy and vast.
  • In Praise of Beaches by Maggie Butt – What the title says! This made me smile and determined to get my ass out of the house to walk on the beach next week!

Go read and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “New Publication @ Londongrip

    • Aww thank you very much, darling! I’m really pleased about ‘Shaped Like Care’ in particular as it’s one of my personal favourites so I’m glad SOMEONE FINALLY AGREED WITH ME. 😀


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