In words of Granny Weatherwax, I Aten’t Ded. I mean, in terms of poetry it’s been pretty dead. In fact, I haven’t written any new poetry for eons. Well, a year or so. = EONS.

But I have gotten off my arse about a) attending a poetry evening/workshop (*waves at Sarah Tait*), and b) sending old stuff out to magazines/competitions. Surprisingly, the latter has produced results and that which remains was shortlisted for the 2018 Poets Meet Politics International Poetry Competition. Coming out in an anthology soonish.

Now I’ll just have to try and write some new things… If only work and life would stop being so stupidly busy and stressful at the moment…

2 thoughts on “*waves*

  1. Wahey … brilliant that one of your old poems has found its way out into the world. As it should. And I hope that the new ones – the yet to be written but will be written soon ones – will do too. x


    • Well, it’s certainly encouraging to have some success with the old poems… Now just have to try and dig out some new creativity… But many thanks for nudging me out to the poetry evenings!


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