Poetic journey…

Today I had a mental health day which included visiting Margate for some art, and cinema to see Ant-Man. Because that’s art too. I enjoyed all pretty equally.

Possibly the best bit though was seeing the below in the Pie Factory window, as I went to check the first half of the Barber’s Son, Hairdresser’s Daughter exhibition (A Slice of Pink Cake).

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Who’s excited yet? THAT’S RIGHT, I AM 😀

Upcoming Reading @ Pie Factory

I’m delighted to provide more details about the upcoming reading!

What: Mark Holihan, Kat Soini and Sienna Holihan will be presenting some late afternoon poetry and music at the Pie Factory in Margate on Saturday 29th August from 4pm. The performance will be based around the theme of the journey, both physically and spiritually and will feature original poetry and new, original acoustic music. Kat Soini is a local poet who writes popular blogs and is widely published. Originally from Finland, she writes both in English and Finnish and has been long-listed for the Canterbury Poet of the Year 2015. Mark is originally from the US and is an award-winning writer who has work published in many anthologies and is also long-listed for the Canterbury Poet of the Year 2015. Mark has his first collection coming out in 2016, published by Cultured Llama. Mark’s Twitter and Instagram. Sienna Holihan is studying Contemporary Crafts in Falmouth and is a popular local singer songwriter. She is known for her haunting melodies and striking, original lyrics. Her first EP was produced this year and will be available at the performance. Sienna’s Facebook page.

When: 4pm, Sat 29 August, 2015

Where: Pie Factory Gallery, Margate, UK

Why: In support of Barber’s Son Hairdresser’s Daughter, a multi-media exhibition on artists’ journeys.


Please come along if you can. And please, if you are so inclined, spread the word.

Good things come in threes…

I have been terribly amiss about updating this blog but if it makes you feel better, the same is true for all my blogs. Also applicable to such things as ‘catching up with emails’ or ‘maintaining social relations in general’. So there is that. For the last two weeks I’ve been on holiday in Finland, and the several weeks before that I was basically brain dead from work. However, I’ve taken receiving a third ‘good news item’ regarding poems as a sign to ‘post already goddammit’.

So I’m posting. Goddammit.

Good news item 1. I’ve got a poem (no turning back now) accepted to the Cyclamens and Swords. The August issue where it will be is due out soon and I shall pimp it properly then, together with the usual mini-review of poems that I enjoy.

Good news item 2. A fellow poet has asked me to join him to do a reading at the Margate’s Pie Factory Gallery at the end of August. I don’t know any of the details yet but I am very flattered and excited by this. A reading! In a gallery! *flails a bit* Information to follow once I have it!

Good news item 3. My poem Such Mercy got longlisted for the Canterbury Poet of the Year competition. My reaction upon receiving the email was a resounding HOLY CRAP! This means that it is one of the 36 poems that will definitely be in the published anthology. Out of the longlist, the judges will then select a shortlist of 14. I have no expectations regarding that whatsoever, the longlisting alone has made me wide-eyed with giddy disbelief 😀

This all has definitely motivated me to keep writing and sending stuff out to magazines and competitions. I’m due another submission blitz soon I think…