Review of Anna Robinson’s The Night Library

I was delighted to do another review for London Grip, this time for Anna Robinson’s intriguingly named The Night Library. This is a book that sat on my bedside table for quite a few weeks. I thought I was too busy and avoiding my reviewer duties, but turns out the book was just patiently waiting for the exact moment it was needed…

…there was the book, within arm’s reach, and so I picked it up, said: “Shall I read a bit?” and opened it to the first poem. It began so:

	At night, left to their devices, words rise
	from their pages, using just their own warmth
	to lift and hang and seek each other, like for like.

“Oh,” we thought, “yes,”’ and held each other tighter.

Read my full review here at London Grip.

2 thoughts on “Review of Anna Robinson’s The Night Library

  1. I’m not sure of your email address Kat so I’m posting this on here – to let you know of ‘events’ etc. Writer’s Unleashed, Ramsgate, continues to grow – we are now getting regulars every time we meet – i.e. 3rd Monday of the month, at The Horse and Groom, Ramsgate.
    This Saturday – 24th Oct – there’s lots on in Margate as part of The Word lit festival – (see Margate Town Team website etc for info.) This includes ‘Speakeasy Unleashed’ – which is billed as a joining together of Writer’s Unleashed, and the Morgan’s Margate Speakeasy open mic night. (now finished.) I’ll be there with a couple of other Writer’s Unleashed regulars – 3pm, Sat 24th, at the Quarterdeck – a bar which is apparently near the Dreamland Main Entrance. It would be good to see some of The Chapel attendees there too …
    Send me your email and I’ll keep you posted about other ‘literary’ (or trying to be!) events as and when I hear and know what’s on. Mine is:


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