Poet at repose

Chilling at my favourite Broadstairs pub The Chapel after a successful reading at Margate’s Pie Factory.

At the chapel

Both Mark and Sienna Holihan were superb as usual and I have some videos of all of us performing so keep your eyes peeled for those in a few days time!

Until then… Cheers! *toasts you all with ginger cider*

4 thoughts on “Poet at repose

  1. Really sorry that I couldn’t get to hear you, Mark and Sienna.
    Hope it went well – that’s a well-earned ginger cider I reckon.


    • It would have been great to have you there to bolster our low audience numbers… But it was good nonetheless, and great experience. I *may* post some vids later once I’ve gathered up the courage to watch them…


    • There’s lots of awesome local ciders around that I adore. The chilli cider in particular is a bit like a brisk slap to the face 😀 Best ordered in halves and shared with someone! But anyway, yes, I have vids and will try and edit them tomorrow (as in, pick a couple of poems that weren’t totally awful in terms of the reading, omg it was painful watching yourself and all your stupid mannerism and PACING, DEAR GOD THE PACING, STAND STILL KAT!)


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