Good things come in threes…

I have been terribly amiss about updating this blog but if it makes you feel better, the same is true for all my blogs. Also applicable to such things as ‘catching up with emails’ or ‘maintaining social relations in general’. So there is that. For the last two weeks I’ve been on holiday in Finland, and the several weeks before that I was basically brain dead from work. However, I’ve taken receiving a third ‘good news item’ regarding poems as a sign to ‘post already goddammit’.

So I’m posting. Goddammit.

Good news item 1. I’ve got a poem (no turning back now) accepted to the Cyclamens and Swords. The August issue where it will be is due out soon and I shall pimp it properly then, together with the usual mini-review of poems that I enjoy.

Good news item 2. A fellow poet has asked me to join him to do a reading at the Margate’s Pie Factory Gallery at the end of August. I don’t know any of the details yet but I am very flattered and excited by this. A reading! In a gallery! *flails a bit* Information to follow once I have it!

Good news item 3. My poem Such Mercy got longlisted for the Canterbury Poet of the Year competition. My reaction upon receiving the email was a resounding HOLY CRAP! This means that it is one of the 36 poems that will definitely be in the published anthology. Out of the longlist, the judges will then select a shortlist of 14. I have no expectations regarding that whatsoever, the longlisting alone has made me wide-eyed with giddy disbelief 😀

This all has definitely motivated me to keep writing and sending stuff out to magazines and competitions. I’m due another submission blitz soon I think…


8 thoughts on “Good things come in threes…

  1. Congratulations, perseverance and talent is paying off! Good luck with the shortlisting and beyond.
    Yes, I can only do blitzes of submissions, although slow and steady apparently also does the trick.


    • Thank you very much! Submission blitzes are exhausting and time-consuming (I usually have to reserve a weekend for them…) but worthwhile. Kind of like lottery: if you don’t buy a ticket you have no chance of winning… 😀

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  2. I am so pleased to read this Kat.
    I think your talent absolutely definitely certainly undoubtedly totally deserves greater recognition – so please keep writing, sharing, reading, and sending ….


    • Hi Sarah! Great to see a comment from you 🙂 Thank you so much! Encouragement from you and others has been absolutely, definitely (etc!) crucial for motivating me! And I can only say the same thing to you: keep writng and sending out things, your work needs a wider audience too!


  3. What wonderful news, all of it! I’m so happy you’re continuing to get your stuff out there for people to read. ❤ The reading in a gallery sounds so cool. Also awwww yissss for your poem being included in a longlist and anthology! Fingers crossed for the shortlist, too!

    Perhaps we should do a mutual submission blitz sometime, just to make ourselves more accountable? I should send out so much more poetry but busy/stress/etc. has been keeping me from doing it.


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