Review of Maria Apichella’s Paga

Well I have just completed my first official poetry review. Does this make me a real poet now? It’s a bit like the first time I was asked to peer-review an article for an academic journal, or a book proposal for a publisher… That same ‘omg people think my opinions on this stuff are valid enough to be taken seriously!’ feeling is definitely there…

It’s an auspicious beginning to my poetry reviewing. An interesting (and free! this is the poetry equivalent of inspection copies clearly which… may prove to be a problem) pamphlet arrived with a lovely card from the author (let me tell you, there was no note of thanks from the academics whose work I reviewed!). Maria Apichella’s Paga was worth, and indeed needed, more than one read, weaving its themes of loss, belief and origin with bright slashes of humour. An uncompromising and often uncomfortable collection that stayed deeply human, deeply humane, throughout.

Read my full review, complete with several extracts from the collection, at London Grip.


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