First Post

Well. A first public post on a public platform. *pauses for fanfare*

Yes, indeed. As promised, I have finally gotten off my generous backside and created a public facing blog. Thanks for nagging all those who did, you know who you are.

Introductions are clearly in order.

Hello, I’m Kat. I write a lot of things including academic research, fanfiction, poetry and original fiction, both by myself and together with other people. However, this blog (and this author name) is only about and attached to the last two. If you know about my academic work and/or my fanfic, I ask you to please not link those identities with this one. Not because I’m ashamed of either (on the contrary!), but because as countless other authors I prefer to maintain different identities for different genres/audiences.

As you may have gathered from above, I am not new to blogging. However, my personal/fandom blog and a poetry blog are locked and serve a vastly different purpose. The point of this blog is to have somewhere I can direct everyone to, somewhere I can use to publically discuss, and yes promote my own and other people’s writing. As a Finn living in Britain such self-marketing feels doubly vainglorious but alas, one must battle one’s cultural hang-ups to get ahead. And, as my grandmother used to say: Kukas kissan hännän nostais jos ei kissa itse? Meaning: Who would lift the cat’s tail, if not the cat itself?

So, there you have it. Welcome to my public writer’s blog. Expect posts about writerly triumphs and tribulations. And do drop me a line if you have questions!


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